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Lots to Cuddle Doll - Multiple Styles

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This cute and realistic-looking doll is an ideal model for teaching infant massage.

At 20 inches tall, it is the size of a two-month old. It has a soft, flexible body made from fabric, great for demonstrating good positioning and gentle movements. The plump body makes demonstrating the stomach and chest and back strokes easy. The legs and arms are long enough to show strokes well even if your hands are on the large size.

The molded hands and feet show the fingers and toes well and one hand is open - allowing you to demonstrate finger strokes well. The doll is not weighted, some instructors insert a bit of weight in the body to keep the doll firmly on the ground during demonstrations.

Best of all, the adorable faces designed by Mr. Berenguer, a famous Spanish doll designer, make you fall right in love with them. The hair is part of the molded head - and the color and style differs with ethnicity. Available with Caucasian, Asian, African American and Hispanic skin tones and features. Made in China for a US manufacturer.

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